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Sections of Expertise

-Exporting manufacturing industries with costing procedures and branches and subsidiaries abroad. Preparation of consolidated financial statements.

-Engineering companies (civil, mechanical/electrical) for long-term projects (>1 year) to be commercially exploited jointly with the Greek or foreign governments.

-Trading companies involved in imports & exports.

-Companies writing tailor-made software programs for foreign defence projects.

-Bank accounting – multicurrency system, accounting for swaps.

-Stock Brokers.

-Protection & Indemnity Clubs in London for ships and professions, Lloyd’s insurance firms in London, insurance brokers and agents in Greece.

-Hotel companies, travel agents.

-Shipping companies.

-Football clubs.

-Non-profit organizations in education or the possession of real property.


-Greek governmental organizations for the stewardship of agricultural funds received from the European Union and their dissemination to Greek farmers.

-Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

-OFFICIAL LIQUIDATOR Registration number at the Greek Ministry of Justice : 13