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Auditing Services

-Mandatory and voluntary audits of the financial statements of companies as prepared in accordance with either the Greek Accounting Standards or the International Accounting Standards as adopted by the European Union.

-Audits of consolidated financial statements of groups with Greek and foreign subsidiary companies as well as with Greek and foreign branches which keep autonomous accounting systems.

-Mandatory audits for the floating of shares at the Athens Stock Exchange or the raising of share capital from the wider public through the Athens Stock Exchange.

-Audits of subsidies received from the European Union.

-Business valuation-CAPM.

-Installation of an effective internal auditing system.

-Costing of the manufacturing process of manufacturing industries, as well as accounting (and taxation) of long-term projects (>1 year) of engineering projects to be commercially exploited jointly with the Greek Government or the writing-up of tailor-made computer software programs (lasting > 1 year) for sale to foreign Defense Ministries.

-Advice on the correctness and completeness of the application of the Greek Chart of Accounts and mapping with a foreign chart of accounts followed by foreign parent companies.