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Registered Insolvency Practitioner

My serial registration number at the Public Registrar of the Registered Bankruptcy Officers at the Greek Ministry of Justice is: 13


I am also a Registered Expert for the Out-of-Court Private company Debt Restrucruring under article 66 of law 4738/27-10-2020.

Copies of my licences here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iixpcoxia3jholt/%CE%9C%CE%97%CE%A4%CE%A1%CE%A9%CE%9F%20%CE%95%CE%9C%CE%A0%CE%95%CE%99%CE%A1%CE%9F%CE%93%CE%9D%CE%A9%CE%9C%CE%9F%CE%9D%CE%A9%CE%9D-%CE%94%CE%99%CE%91%CE%A7%CE%95%CE%99%CE%A1%CE%A3%CE%A4%CE%97%CE%A3%20%CE%91%CE%A6%CE%95%CE%A1%CE%95%CE%93%CE%93%CE%A5%CE%9F%CE%A4%CE%97%CE%A4%CE%91%CE%A3.pdf?dl=0